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The CP-Applicator transforms a Folding Machine into a high speed close-proximity Micro-Perforating and Creasing Machine, enabling simultaneous cylinder quality creasing with close-proximity micro-perforating either side, able to be adjusted at different widths.

This solution is ideal for the production of vouchers and coupon books and the built-in settings enable the machine operator to handle any paper material type and thickness put through a Folding Machine.

  • Replicates the perfect Letterpress or Cylinder flatbed method
  • World class precision engineering
  • Perforates as little as 5mm away from crease
  • Incorporates fine and true micro-perforation options 17, 25 & 52 teeth per inch
  • Produces almost invisible as well as flat micro-perforating result
  • Incorporates world’s leading and fully patented creasing technology
  • At least five times faster output than conventional methods
  • 100% money back guarantee if it fails to live up to our promise

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Incredible solutions

“…saving our customers time and money. Well done to Tech-ni-Fold for developing and bringing to market one of the best series of solutions ever to have happened in the world of print finishing…”

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Lee Harvey
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Increased Efficiency

“…plus the greatest advantage of purchasing Tech-ni-fold tools is the undeniable aesthetics of the final product, both in the case of creasing the printing sheets and performing trimming or micro-perforation…”
Eryk Mirosław Woźniak, Poland