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Transform your Binding Machine cover feeder into an all-in-one feeder and creasing unit.

Enabling cylinder quality creasing in close-proximity during the feeding operation to apply the fibre-crack eliminating spine and hinge creases and ensures an incredibly defined creasing impression.

A variety of built-in settings enable the machine operator to produce the perfect crease on the full range of cover stocks.

  • Completely eliminates fibre cracking 100%
  • No more outsourcing of covers or off-line creasing
  • On average pays for itself within the first 5 jobs runs
  • Simple to set and easy to use
  • No more sheet ripping or splitting covers completely in half during setting
  • Works first time every time, avoiding unnecessary crease depth adjustment
  • Produces a deeper and more flexible hinge
  • Not limited by speed and words as fast as the machine can run
  • Works perfectly on cross grain materials regardless of solid ink coverage
  • Excellent on UV coated, laminated or digital stocks
  • Colour-coded creasing bands available for different grades of stock

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Incredible solutions

“…saving our customers time and money. Well done to Tech-ni-Fold for developing and bringing to market one of the best series of solutions ever to have happened in the world of print finishing…”

Bluestar Print Finishers
Lee Harvey
BlueStar Print Finishers

Increased Efficiency

“…plus the greatest advantage of purchasing Tech-ni-fold tools is the undeniable aesthetics of the final product, both in the case of creasing the printing sheets and performing trimming or micro-perforation…”
Eryk Mirosław Woźniak, Poland